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Bonjour Quebec Neighbours!


The Bureau du Québec à Toronto, in association with the Québec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, is holding the 8th annual Rendez-vous Gourmet Québec à Toronto event. The event showcases Québec products to potential Ontario buyers. “Québec has 33 000 high-quality and distinctive food products, and we know chefs and creators are always looking for quality products and key ingredients, so it was natural to build an event around these products and suppliers,” says Agrifood attaché David Dupuy.

Approximately 50 Québec producers will be on hand in Toronto for the event on October 22, to be held at the Arcadian Studio & Loft. “I’m so proud of this initiative which has contributed to create strong ties between our Québec suppliers and the Ontario market. Our unique products are a true inspiration for chefs and the food industry,” says Dupuy.

Québec is often associated with the same foods by people not familiar with the vast array the province has to offer. The usual suspects include poutine, smoked meat, and, of course, Québec’s liquid gold better known as maple syrup. But Québec has much more to offer. Some of the producers who are participating in this year’s event include Première Moisson bakery, Fontaine Santé, Fromages CDA and there are the lesser known producers like Crickstart, Veg Nature, Qantu Chocolate, and NorthFork Bison, looking to make a name for themselves. “This year, I’m very excited to have Qantu Chocolate on board. They produce bean-to-bar chocolate using biological ingredients and select their beans from small lots in Peru.  At the Academy of Chocolate 2018 Awards, Qantu achieved double success in the Golden Bean category with its Chuncho 70% and Morropon 70% bars,” says Sylvain Talbot, Market Development Officer at the Québec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

A new feature this year is the inclusion of a bar section with signature cocktails and food pairings. This is quite the opportunity for the likes of Brasserie New Deal, Omerto, and Vignoble Saint Armand Inc., who are all participating to show Ontario just how they mix it up! In the last five years, Québec has produced and crafted numerous alcohols and spirits, including those from the producers of Les Subversifs. Their products have been available through the LCBO for three years. However, they recently changed the name and branding of their products; using depictions of people from Québec’s history, for example, adorning Les Subversifs Vodka is the image of Irma Levasseur who was the first French-Canadian woman doctor in Québec, forced to study in the United States for four years because the universities in Québec did not accept women in medicine. Levasseur went on to co-found St. Justine Hospital. Visit their booth to taste their gin!


Chefs attending include Chef Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, the new chef at the ITHQ restaurant in Montreal and Chef Charlotte Langley, PEI native best known for her Scout Canning company, as well as her event series Bibs and Bubbs.

Interested in attending?
Tickets are still available to reserve until October 17 through Eventbrite.

Bonjour Neighbours!
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