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A TRIPLE layer solution to enticing dessert purchases


Did you know cakes are one of the most desired dessert menu options in Canada? Technomic’s 2016 Dessert Report reveals that over two-thirds (67%) of Canadians love ending their meal with a sweet note at least once per week.  Further, 75% of Canucks define desserts as “traditional.” Not only are Canadians craving traditional dessert, but they also often seek real, signature and housemade options. Rich’s NEW Triple Layer Cakes allow operators to menu what the vast majority of patrons seek in a dessert.

In the coming months and years, many Canadian provinces are increasing minimum wage.  This will force operators to inevitably seek solutions that offer ease of execution. It is important for operators to constantly adapt to this evolving foodservice environment. By offering quality desserts with a made-from-scratch appeal certainly resonates with consumers looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Rich’s Triple Layer Cakes require minimal labour—less time splitting and filling cakes, less preparation (simply slice and serve), not to mention less time cleaning and avoiding waste.  Operators can deliver a reliable, high-quality, customized dessert with minimal effort by slicing, and decorating for plate presentation, but yet still putting the knife back in the chef’s hand.

The words fresh and high-quality might sound expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Rich’s Triple Layer Cakes are made with premium ingredients and also deliver the most popular flavours.  Each cake build incorporates three layers of moist, premium cake. The Traditional cake options feature perfectly whipped icing, including Chocolate, the most popular cake on all dessert menus, and Vanilla, which can serve as a canvas for any theme including seasonal flavours. The Premium offerings include Black Forest and Strawberry Shortcake are made with real 35 per cent cream and real fruit pieces.

These flavours will entice any consumer to save that extra room for dessert:

  •  Strawberry Shortcake: Delightful classic with moist vanilla cake layers filled with real strawberries and whipped cream.
  • Black Forest: Sweet match between real cherries and real whipped cream and the moistest chocolate cake you ever had.
  • Vanilla: Just the right amount of sweetness with a perfectly moist, rich vanilla cake filled with a light and creamy consistent vanilla icing folded with custard.
  • Chocolate: Sophisticated classic with three mouthwatering layers of chocolate cake combined with a layer of chocolate fudge with chocolate liquor and perfectly whipped chocolate icing.

These insights can help operators address the challenge of allocating labour to the most profitable activities while delivering on dessert menu offerings that resonate with dessert patrons. Your triple layer solution is easy!

  1. Give Canadian Dessert consumers what they really want.
  2. Address rising labour costs.
  3. Deliver most popular flavours.

Rich’s Triple Layer Cakes is a solution for Foodservice establishments looking to grow their dessert sales. Whether it is for a catered banquet, buffet or event, a cafeteria-style grab-and-go environment or a uniquely plated dessert at a full-service restaurant, Rich’s Triple Layer Cakes are sure to please consumers.

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Sponsored by Rich Products of Canada.