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At RC Show 2018, think green, buy green, go green


Learn how to access rebates and product incentives for greening your business. Discover the secrets to saving money, championing your brand, and saving the planet at the Eco Pavilion.

Building a business case for sustainability in foodservice operations means opportunities for cost savings, cultivating true brand loyalty, and harnessing exciting innovations in green technology and practices.

Visit the Eco Pavilion, shop eco products and services, gain expert advice and pledge to win.

Learn through the Sustainability in Restaurants Panel discussion from panelists who have made sustainability part of their business. Hear how they have benefitted from their eco-journey.

We’re launching the ENERGY STAR pilot project at RC Show 2018. Sign up to qualify.

Take part in the Save on Energy Foodservice Forum at RC Show 2018 – Tues, Feb. 27, 7:45am-1:00pm

The Save on Energy Foodservice Forum is brought to you by IESO, Save on Energy, Restaurants Canada and ORHMA.

Save energy, manage your utility costs and help your business. Hear about the latest in energy efficiency programs and about available training and support. Learn from industry leaders and experts about the most innovative products, technologies, and ideas to propel you and your operations into a sustainable future.

Meet and network with other foodservice operators. Learn the how, the what and the why of ‘greening’ your business now and save money doing so.

The business case for energy efficiency is clear—it cuts costs. Investing in energy-efficient equipment upgrades and energy management practices can lead to many additional benefits like increasing sales, customer and employee comfort and contributing to corporate sustainability goals.

Sustainability in Restaurants Panel Discussion, Sun, Feb 25 2-3pm

Bruce McAdams will share the business case for sustainability and moderate a panel representing restaurants that have made sustainability the core of their businesses. This panel of seasoned chefs, managers and directors will share their experiences of implementing sustainable practices in restaurants, cafés and catering companies. Distinguished panelists and guests:

  • Brad Long – Cafe Belong
  • Evelyne Gharibian – Hearty Catering
  • Elio Zannoni – Gusto 54
  • Ian Vickers – Diversity Food Services
  • Janine Windsor – LEAF
  • Eva Greff – NewSpring Energy

Be Part of the Movement!

“There are many changes an operator can make to create a more sustainable industry. Big and small, these changes drive profitability, customer experience, staff engagement, and public perception about your brand. If your aim is to be a profitable establishment where customers enjoy eating, and qualified staff want to stay, then the benefits are apparent. Add to this the knowledge that you have contributed to sustainability in a highly impactful industry, and you did it well. Sustainability is not just an environmental concept; it’s a fundamental business concept.” Janine Windsor, LEAF

“Companies with a strong foothold in sustainable practices have realized substantial monetary savings, increased their public exposure, increased revenue and have a strong marketing advantage. This is not just a right thing to do for the environment and community, but also for your business’s bottom line.” Eva Greff, NewSpring Energy