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Phone Eats First: Sean Beckingham’s Tech Tips from #RCShow17


Every year, the #RCShow brings Canada the best in food. From trends to innovative new products, and even amazing tech talks, the show has it all, and draws a crowd from all over the world. This year, #RCShow17 was bigger than ever, and a highlight of the show was an unforgettable series of talks hosted by our friend, Sean Beckingham of Branding and Buzzing.

Over the course of the show, Sean led two very successful events: Business Beyond Your Walls and Phone Eats First. These two expert-filled panels explored how modern-day restaurants are changing the face of foodservice through tech and innovation. At the Phone Eats First panel, which consisted of Brandie Kelly (Head of Restaurant Operations at Facebook Canada), Joey Salmingo (Off The Menu), and Jordan Lopez (Head of Social for Baro Toronto), we were treated with a very special discussion on the future of social media for restaurateurs.

What really stuck out as takeaways from the panel? Panel host Sean Beckingham shared three key learnings with us, and we’d like to share them with you! These takeaways will give operators looking to jump on social and digital marketing a direction in which to go towards – straight from the experts to you!

tech tips


Organic is long gone now! Ad-driven is the name of the game, so be prepared to spend more money on ads. During the talk, Brandie divulged that her biggest pet peeve is the word organic. Why? Because she believes that relying on “organic” reach to push and implement their campaigns on social won’t help drive the growth you’re seeking.

“This is the most powerful marketing platform in the world, Facebook and Instagram, and there are so many incredible tools that you can use with these products designed to drive people into you’re restaurants.” – Brandie Kelly


Facebook is investing lots of resources into building out Facebook live, and so should you! Facebook Live can bring you some of the same numbers that you can find in broadcast television. When working with Live, the panel urges to proceed with caution. While it’s going bring a different vibe to your brand, know that it should only be used as part of a larger campaign, not just on it’s own.

Considering using Facebook Live? Make sure your entire staff knows what’s up, says Jordan Lopez of Baro. “You need to have a structure and everyone needs to follow that itinerary and follow that structure.”

tech tips


During the talk, Joey Salmingo shared that his biggest pet peeve is seeing a post with a gorgeous image, but tacked on is a ten-page letter attached to it. Keep it simple, short and sweet. Whether it’s an Instagram post or a video, remember, as Joey Salmingo says: “Nobody wants to watch a 17 minute video.” 

Don’t forget: “Even if you have the most brilliant creative in the world and there is no investment behind it, it’s not going to move your business.” You’ll have to do more to be seen in this day and age, but with the tips and tricks shared in the panel you will be empowered to move further with your online marketing efforts.

Interested in checking out the stream of the talk? Here’s your chance – courtesy of Joey Salmingo (Off the Menu), here is the Live Facebook stream.

Each year, Sean hosts a widely attended and anticipated talk that challenges foodservice operators to think beyond what they know. We can’t wait to see what him and his team have in store for us at next year’s show! Interested in more tech tips and in Toronto? Check out the Digital Bootcamp event we are hosting. From SEO to social media marketing, we have a morning of top tips waiting for you. Click below for more info:check out our free event! (1)